Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Ring Surf Ring is No More!

I have finished e-mailing all the members of the old ring and deleting all the blogs from Ring Surf. In a week or two I will delete the old ring from Ring Surf as well.

With any luck more former ring members will continue to join up at alt-webring. Feel free to spread the word about our ring to your fiber friends. The more members the merrier, right? :-)


Karen said...

Hi, I got an email and would like to get back into the new ring. I just started a new blog however... my old blog was and the new blog is Will that be a problem with the new blog? Thanks!

Morenna said...

Hi Karen,
A new blog is no problem at all. Just sign up with your new blog, paste the ring code into your site and I'll get you activated ASAP.