Saturday, December 27, 2008

More RingSurf Woes

Apparently my attempts to delete the RingSurf ring have yet again been thwarted.  I had manually deleted all the blogs several weeks ago and discovered recently that they had all been restored to the ring.  So I did it again with the same result (deleted blogs were restored overnight).  My requests for assistance to the support e-mail address went unanswered.  So I simply deleted the entire ring, thinking that would delete everybody yet again, but all at once, rather than individually deleting several hundred blogs. 

Well, it appears that deleting the ring is not actually deleting the ring in RingSurf's world.  It is instead abandoning the ring and leaving it open for someone else to adopt.  I immediately signed up to adopt the ring back so that I could at least keep other people from mis-using the contact information.  Apparently I was not fast enough and the ring has now been adopted by someone else.  If you still have an account with RingSurf, I would advise you to consider deleting it or otherwise monitoring it.  I have no idea who now has control of that information (and, yes, the ring adopter does now have access to your RingSurf password).

Had I known that deleting the ring was not actually deleting the ring, I wouldn't have done it.  I apologize for any problems this may cause.  I am also hoping we don't end up with dueling Fiber Arts Bloggers blogrings.

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