Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Members February to June 2011

Please welcome our most recent active members!!

 Photo & Fiber Art
 Fibre Art All about a creative life
 Random Acts of Color
 Spirited Spindle
 Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear
 Aventures textiles
 Lifeweavings: A Creative Journey
 Blue Heron Weaving
 Kit Lang Fiber Art

Please visit their sites and see the beautiful, creative work they do!


Kit Lang said...

thanks for adding me! :)

Ruby Louise said...

You are very welcome, Kit!

Unknown said...

Loving all of the new to me blogs! How do I join?

Ruby Louise said...

To join just click the join link at the top of the right column. That will take you to the sign up page. Fill out the form, generate the ring code for your site and paste the code into your blog template. Once I activate your site, you'll be good to go!

warpedart&design said...

Hi Ruby Louise,
Just to let you know my blog gets a few hits a month through this blog you have created and that I send you smiles and thanks for your time and effort.

Ruby Louise said...

Hi Stitching Life,
Your blog was removed from the ring as the ring code doesn't appear on your site. As a result, it creates a break in the ring. You are welcome to rejoin but the ring code is required to be posted on your site.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ruby. I did try to put in the code but it didn't work, and I did send you an email to that effect. I'm guessing the problem has something to do with wordpress? Doesn't matter, anyway. Thanks for getting back to me. All good wishes to you and your members.

Ruby Louise said...

To post the ring code on a WordPress blog: Click the Appearances link on your dashboard. Click the Widgets link in the Appearances menu. Drag a Text Box to your sidebar. Paste the ring code into the body of the Text Box. Click Save and close the Text Box window. Refresh your blog and the links should appear in the side bar.

There are several other ring members with WordPress blogs who have successfully posted the code to their blogs.