Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Moving Progress

We're still moving from Ring Surf to alt-webrings.com. The process slowed down a bunch when life got busy and I'm still sending out e-mail to Ring Surf members. The Ring Surf ring is still running. It may be the end of July before things get taken down there. Apparently many ring members did not get the e-mail about moving to alt-webrings, but did get the e-mail about changing things at Ring Surf. I apologize in advance for the confusion of switching things twice.

To get signed up at alt-webrings, you will need to fill out the join form. For the majority of people, the "Site Entry URL" is your blog URL. Create a Site ID for your site and a password. Remember this information as you will need it to edit your entry later. You will also need to enter your name and e-mail address as the webmaster and webmaster e-mail. The rest of the blanks should be self-explanatory. After filling out the form, click submit. On the next page, click the "Get Code" button on the left side. This generates your ring code. Copy that chunk of code into your site and remove the old RingSurf code. Do not forget to put the new alt-webring code on your site. Several blogs have registered at alt-webring, but still display the old RingSurf code. This means your blog will NOT show up in the blog ring and you'll be deactivated when I check the ring.