Saturday, March 29, 2008

Clearing the Queue and Approving New Members

I've been going through the list of sites and checking for broken ring code and other problems. Members may have received e-mail from RingSurf telling you to go copy the current ring code from the RingSurf website. There are two reasons for this:
  1. Your site's ring code may be broken.
  2. The website/blog for Fiber Arts Bloggers moved when I took over the ring from Joni.
These are top problems I have found. Please check your blog to make sure this isn't a reason for either being put in the queue/deleted or for being sent a copy of the ring code/prevented from joining.
  1. Incorrect member IDs. Please do not copy ring code from another blog. Please copy the code directly from Ringsurf for the correct code for your blog. If you copy from someone else, the member ID in the code will be incorrect for your blog. This will cause your blog to fail the code check and will also cause the ring to surf out of order, which will keep some people's sites from ever being seen.
  2. For your blog to be approved, the ring code must be on your blog. If it's not on the blog, I will not approve you for the ring. I try to send one reminder link to the current ring code, but if a blog persists in not posting the ring code, it will be deleted.
  3. You need to post at least once a month about fiber-related things. If you don't post at least once a month about fiber stuff, you'll end up in the queue. If you go three months without a fiber-related post, your blog will be deleted.
Note: Yes, I understand things change and sometimes fiber stuff ends up on a back burner. Should things change so that fiber things are once again a common feature of your blog, please consider requesting to be added back. There are no penalties for having been removed. If your blog is removed from the blog ring, you are very welcome to re-apply. Again, there is no penalty for having been removed from the blogring. If you have questions, please feel free to e-mail me.

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