Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fiber Arts Bloggers is moving

Ok. Between the deluge of complaints and the frustrations I already had with trying to sort out Ring Surf, I've decided to move the ring to If you want to sign up, go here. I'll keep the RingSurf site up until June 1st to give people plenty of time to move, should they decide to do so. After that point I will delete the RingSurf site and all blogs which have not been migrated will be removed from the ring. Hopefully this will resolve the problems/complaints folks have.

To get signed up at alt-webrings, you will need to fill out the join form. For the majority of people, the "Site Entry URL" is your blog URL. Create a Site ID for your site and a password. Remember this information as you will need it to edit your entry later. You will also need to enter your name and e-mail address. The rest of the blanks should be self-explanatory. After filling out the form, click submit. On the next page, click the "Get Code" button on the left side. This generates your ring code. Copy that chunk of code into your site and remove the old RingSurf code.

I'll send another e-mail out to all the current ring members shortly advising you directly of the change. I'm sorry for the confusion and having to change things twice. It became very apparent that nobody was happy with the new RingSurf changes and that the new format was not going to satisfy the majority of members who replied about it. I hope this will resolve most of those troubles.


ren said...

ok, I did it. please let me know what I need to do next. :)

Weedwacker said...

I signed on, and put the code on my site. Please et me know if I did it right.

sillyewe said...

OK, I have mine all ready to go as well. Thanks for taking this on! :0)

Valerie said...

I signed in and put the code on my site as well. I assume you'll activate?

Joanne said...

Hi, I have signed up and replace the code to the new one. I appreciate your efforts.

Take care, Joanne

Anonymous said...

Thanks. The code is up on my site too.

Looks like we have the start of a pretty good group of folks! :-)

Alwen said...

Yeah, not your fault Ringsurf fell on its head!

Erica said...

I'm happy to follow the group to alt-ring (I'll have a look and see what is necessary today)

but must say I don't understand why everyone complained about not being able to surf from one member to another anymore.

When I went to our page at ringsurf and clicked on the member sites, a navigation bar appeared at the top of the page with next and previous and each member sites pages appeared with this bar at the top, I thought it was very easy to navigate, in fact, easier than trying to find where a person has put their link on their page amongst dozens of other links they might have.

This isn't a complaint mind, just an observation, now I must get some more fibre art happening on my blog so I have something to show when you all come visiting!

Merily said...

I just switched mine. I'm cool with either ring we use. :)