Sunday, April 20, 2008

Making Progress!

All righty! We seem to be headed in the right direction. I'm going through the list and activating sites.

A few sites have signed up with alt-webrings, but have the old RingSurf code posted. I'll be sending you e-mail with the current alt-webrings code, just as soon as my e-mail account is activated again. [It would seem that gmail got a bit concerned about the 1200 messages I sent out in the past 36 hours and deactivated me as a potential spammer. Oopsies. :-) ]

The other "problem" we have is that the first dozen or so folks that I activated actually have a bad chunk of ring code. I did a bad editing job and each of those sites is currently sharing the same Site ID according to the code. I'll be sending you the corrected bit of code too. I'm just glad I noticed the problem fairly early in the game. Kudos to Dee for also noticing the goofed up surfing ability.

Thanks again for all your patience!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, hey, hey --- I'm famous! I see my name in print! LOL

I love being back in the ring! Thanks for all the quick set-up.

Hope it all goes along smoothly for you now and that you can get back to having FUN!

Cara said...

Got it. The new ring links are added to my blog, it was SO EASY! Thank you for doing all this work!

Great Job!

Marie said...

I just updated my blog with the new ring code and deleted the old ring code.
Thanks for retrieving the "Previous and Next" links. I had missed them.
My site: