Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Onwards and Upwards!

We currently have 73 active members!! That's pretty good considering it's only been two days since we changed hosts.

I have finally gotten the corrected ring code sent out to those folks who had the bad code I initially had listed or who were still showing the RingSurf code. I was able to move a bunch of people to the active site list today. Thank you very much!!

The original blog ring had approximately 600 site listed in it. When I sent out e-mail to all the site owners, I got well over 100 bounced messages, so I suspect a large number of sites may have also been bad. I think we can steadily grow our little ring back into a ring of hundreds of sites. By all means let your fellow fiber addicts friends know the ring is open to new members. The more the merrier!!


Gina said...

I never got the original message but I did the one about moving to a new webring. Have not done that yet, but hopefully before the end of the day I will.
:-) Gina

BeadKnitter said...

Hi Morena,
Thanks for moving us. I like the new location much better. I updated my code today and sent you an email. Sorry it took so long to get it done. I've been really busy.

Linda Jo

Morenna said...

Thanks for joining in our new "home"!

No rush on getting signed up with the new ring. Sign ups aren't going to close or anything, though the old ring will go away.

juanita sim said...

Hi Morenna, I just joined the Fiber Artist webring. My blog: (http://flyingcolours1.blogspot.com/) is in compliance with the rules stated at the ring homepage. Thanks!