Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Members 6/16-7/19/2010

Welcome to our newest members!

Presence One of a Kind Fabrics
Wool Durham
Confessions of a Crochet Pattern Slut
Snowflake Blessings
Kelly Weaves
Russet Lodge Knits
Diane's Deep Thoughts
fringe notes
Dooflinky Dolls & Designs


Joy Murray said...

I just discovered this ring. I am setting up a blog for my handstitched fabric dolls, sculptures and wallhanging and I'd like to be part of the ring. I have a wordpress blog:
I tried to fill out the webring form but I don't really understand it. Especially the ID and password and site administrator part. Can you help?

Ruby Louise said...

Hi Joy
I'd love to have you join the ring!

Here's the info you need: You pick the ID and password. The ID is how your blog is tracked in the ring and it's part of the ring code. You will also use the ID and password to login at if you ever need to change any info about your site. (I can also send you that info if you forget it.) You are your site's administrator, so put your name and e-mail address in those blanks. That way if I need to contact you, I can do so.

Hope that helps!

Rayna said...

I got into the blog, so I guess Art Cloth Network has joined you, too! Happy to be here. Come and visit us