Saturday, April 5, 2008

New RingSurf Format!

RingSurf apparently decided to change things drastically this past week. There is no longer any custom ringcode or any surfing the ring from within a blog. All links to the ring now go back to the RingSurf site and all ring surfing is done from there, which seems very awkward. I didn't have any notice that things would be changing or I'd have let you know. Be patient while we all adjust to the new system!

The new RingSurf automatically checks all member sites for the Ring Code. If you don't have the Ring Code on your site or you remove it, it appears that Ring Surf will remove your blog from the ring. I no longer have the option of sending you an e-mail or a copy of the code when your blog is flagged. When you apply to join the ring, Ring Surf checks your site to make sure the code is there and then puts your site in the queue for my approval. I check the queue on weekends, so approval isn't instant. With the new RingSurf format, the same rules still apply: your blog needs to be about fiber stuff and you need to post a minimum of once per month. As always, no purely commercial sites.


MMM said...

I moved my ring off of ringsurf. If you want an alternative try and I wrote a tutorial on how to do it all here

Marguerita McManus - Crazy Shortcut Quilter

Marie said...

Thank you for this explanation. I had noticed that the "Previous, Next, and Join" links were missing. I had thought perhaps I had set it up incorrectly.

BeadKnitter said...

Well, this sucks! The whole point of having surf rings is to generate traffic to our sites, not to the Ringsurf site. I will have to make some changes.